Intel Server Systems
Kingstar 1-Socket LGA 1150

Kingstar 2-Socket LGA 1366

Kingstar 4-Socket LGA 2011

Kingstar 1U Servon XS1305
KSC Storage Systems
Kingstar 4U 24-Drive Bays

Kingstar 4U 36-Drive Bays

Kingstar 4U Servon XS1284

Kingstar 4U Servon XS1344
AMD Server Systems
Kingstar 1-Socket LGA 1944

Kingstar 2-Socket LGA 1944

Kingstar 4-Socket LGA 1944

Kingstar 4U Servon OS1361
E5-2600/1600 Systems
Kingstar 1U Servon XS6001

Kingstar 1U Servon XS5122

Kingstar 2U Servon XS7001

Kingstar 2U Servon XS7002

We have been customizing computer systems since 1989. Specializing in rackmounts to fit all our customers' requirements.

King Star Computer provides 3-Year standard warranty from the date of purchase on any King Star server system.
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