KSC Servers
KSC 1U Hyperspeed Server

KSC 2U 12-Drive Server

KSC 3U 12-Node Microcloud

KSC 4U 60-Drive Storage Server
KSC Workstations
KSC Skylake mini-ITX Cube

KSC Haswell i7 Workstation

KSC 10-Core i7 Extreme PC

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KSC: Ready for VR
KSC OC'd VR-Ready System

KSC Haswell VR-Ready System

KSC Skylake VR-Ready System

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KSC Xeon Phi Systems
KSC Xeon Phi 7120a Tower

KSC Triple Xeon Phi Tower

KSC 1U Dual Xeon Phi System

KSC 1U Quad Xeon Phi System

We have been customizing computer systems since 1989. Specializing in rackmounts to fit all our customers' requirements.

King Star Computer provides 3-Year standard warranty from the date of purchase on any King Star server system.
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