KSC Servers
KSC 1U Skylake Server

KSC 2U Haswell Server

KSC 3U Server w/ 11x PCIe

KSC 4U Quad CPU 10G Server
KSC Workstations
KSC Skylake mini-ITX Cube

KSC Haswell i7 Workstation

KSC Dual Socket X9 Tower

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KSC: Ready for VR
KSC OC'd VR-Ready System

KSC Haswell VR-Ready System

KSC Skylake VR-Ready System

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KSC Xeon Phi Systems
KSC 1U Dual Xeon Phi System

KSC DP Tri-Xeon Phi Tower

KSC 1U Quad Xeon Phi System

KSC Broadwell-EP w/Xeon Phi

We have been customizing computer systems since 1989. Specializing in rackmounts to fit all our customers' requirements.

King Star Computer provides 3-Year standard warranty from the date of purchase on any King Star server system.
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